There are several ways to arrive to Karpenissi. Here we will shortly explain the most popular ones.


Both main Greek airports are approximately the same distance from Karpenissi.

  1. Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. The Athletic Center of Karpenissi is 298 Km away, or 3 hours and 20 minutes of mostly highway drive. Driving to the city of Lamia will be exclusively on highway and from there follows a local road of 65km up the mountain. The road has quite a few turns but the surface quality is very good.
  2. Thessaloniki International Airport “Makedonia”. The distance from this airport is 349 Km and it should take around 4 hours depending in the traffic of Thessaloniki. Again the direction is the city of Lamia and from there follows the road to Karpenissi up the mountain.

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The most convenient way for those using the ferry is to use the line Ancona (IT) – Igoumenitsa, or Venezia (IT) – Igoumenitsa. Usually the Trip from Ancona is about 16 hours of very comfortable trip on really big ferries. From Venezia the trip duration is about 26 hours. Once arrived at Igoumenitsa port then follows a 282 km drive, which will take around 4 hours. Ferry from Bari is about 9 hours.

When you travel from Igoumenitsa to Karpenisi, please take care to use the northern route. The shortest route maps tells you is not very comfortable and no option for campers and cars with trailers.

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Passengers travelling with their pet, may stay in the open deck for the duration of the trip. The pet is not allowed in the inside public lounges or be near Food & Beverage outlets inside/outside the vessel. Otherwise, pets may be kept in one of the kennels we provide onboard which is secured by a lock, at the cost of 20 EUROS per pet. Passengers are kindly requested to contact the reception desk upon embarkation for receiving the key for the lock and for any further information they may require. Owners or guardians are required to have their pet’s valid health documents with them while travelling (EU citizens are additionally required to have their EU Pet Passport) and follow all entry regulations. For all cats, dogs and ferrets a valid rabies immunization document is mandatory. Depending on the pet’s size, a muzzle is also necess ary when taking a dog for a walk in the open deck near other passengers. There is a pet toilet near the kennels’ area but please keep in mind that the pet owner/guardian is responsible for up keeping the cleanliness of the areas in general.
Note : each passenger may carry up to 5 pets, as long as they are owned by the said passenger which is certified by the relevant ownership documents.


  1. Through Slovenia – Croatia – Serbia – North Macedonia. The whole way is on highway and from the moment you reach the borders of North Macedonia with Greece, at Evzones, then follows a 360 km drive, which is more or less described above. All the way to Lamia city is highway and then the last 65 km is the mountain road to Karpenissi.
  2. Through Bulgaria. The entrance point from Bulgaria should be the Promachon borders. From there follows a 425 km drive which will take you first to Thessaloniki and from there to Lamia and finally Karpenissi.
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