My name is Ton Hoffmann, living in the Netherlands nearby Rotterdam. In 1985 I started with the first dog, an English Cocker Spaniel with Obedience till class 1 and gundog training. In 1987 there came a second dog, a Longhaired German Pointer. With this dog I did a lot of dog sports, Obedience till class 3 (=Int), Agility, Gundog training and examinations and Bicycle tests (20 km). In 1988 I started with giving training to other teams and there came a Labrador retriever for my wife who also is active in dog sports. In 1996 I followed a course for being judge for a good citizen dog program in the Netherlands. A year later I was asked for obedience judge by our Royal Dutch Kennelclub “Cynophilia” and after 3 years also International judge. In this time our neighbour countries – Belgium and Germany – started with the international obedience, so there was a lot of work to do. Our dogs where getting older, so time for a new dog. In 1996 the first Australian Shepherd came and two years later the second one. Since 2000, I am also in the board of the “Kynologenclub Rotterdam” and I am still now. In the same time they asked me to come in the board of the Australian Shepherd Club so, I did this for 5 years. Since many years I am organising the Dutch Championship Obedience and in 2002 and 2018 also the World championships in Amsterdam and Ermelo. When in 2006 the chairman from the FCI obedience commission and also member of the board our Royal Dutch Kennelclub “Cynophilia”, Joop de Reus, unexpectedly died, I was asked to take over his job in the board and as member of the obedience commission, what I am still doing now.
On this moment I have again a retired Longhaired German Pointer – and did Obedience I with her – and a Field Spaniel now in the age of 3 years. Till now I judged two times a World Championship.

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