Training dogs since 1985, mostly working dogs. Professionally since 2003.
At the moment in training with German Shepherds and active in helper work.
Competed with several dogs and breeds at a national and international level.

Commissions of trust within the Norwegian Kennel Club and other clubs.

Trial Helper since 1998
IGP Judge since 2003
Judge for Mental tests since 2004
Member of FCI International Judge pool since 2011

Delegate at NKK Working Dog commission
Delegate at the FCI Working Dog commission since 2010

Teamleader FCI Championship and WUSV Championship several years
Regional head of helper education/certification
Several commissions of trust for Norsk Dobermann Klub and Norsk Schæferhundklub.

Small breeding under the kennel name ”Niqila”

Judge commissions
• 8-10 judge commissions each year mostly regional and national championships.
• Multiple World Championship Selection trials in many countries
• Multiple National Championships – both all breed and breed championships in many countries.
• Judged 6 times world championships.

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