Passionate about Belgian Shepherds since childhood, I got my first Belgian Shepherd in 1977, a Tervueren from the kennel “de la Douce Plaine”, a son of Tarass de la Pouroffe. I lived in the North of France at the time, so that I could spend a lot of time in Belgium, particularly with two renowned Belgian Shepherd breeders: Yves Dambrain (kennel “du Maugré”) for the morphological selection, and Luc Vansteenbrugge (kennel “des Deux Pottois”) for the work and top level sports competition selection. I tried to conduct my selection according to their principles. I started my Malinois kennel in 1985, under the affix “de la Terre Aimée”, with a line of morphological selection, and worked on Ajax du Maugré, Ego du Maugré; I have also imported two males who became best breeders, Iago du Maugré and his son, Maubray du Maugré, and also with a second line, for work, with the bloodlines of Cartouche, G’Bibber. My selection plan led to many significant results, with national beauty champions and working champions in the ring discipline. As I have always been a Laekenois enthusiast
as well, I have purchased two very beautiful dames, Rustieck and the sr Redding Van de Duvetorre.
After 15 years of breeding, I made the choice to participate more actively in the development of the breed, by following the judge training curriculum and as a Board member of the French Club of the Belgian Shepherd, I am the Président of CFCBB.
It is a great pleasure to judge our Belgian Shepherds abroad, and to be able to follow the worldwide evolvement of this breed.
Marie-France Varlet

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