Our company has been engaged with the production and sale of high quality handmade canine products, dog trainer’s and dog owner’s equipment, since 1992.
Our Slogan is “One Step Ahead” , as we always check and develop one by one all our products, according to the Market requirements.
Also, our principal is to take into consideration the advice and recommendations of all handler and trainers we cooperate with.
We believe that this cooperation will help us to continually improve our products’ quality.
So, we always welcome and respect their recommendations, as a big number of Top Handlers and Trainers are among our customers.
In our Site, www.gappay.gr you will find all our products.
We wish you will be satisfied!
Should you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

Traveling to Greece

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For all competitors and team leaders

The BSCH has arranged for special prices for the accommodation of all participants in FMBB WC 2022.
In order to benefit from this special offer, please contact the following e-mail:

Dear Belgian Shepherds friends,

we are a big family whose common love for the breed and the sports is what unites us. Politics have no place in our community and therefore we will not allow any political comments in this page and we will delete all previous. Thank you for your understanding and compliance.
The FMBB dissociates itself completely from all written and spoken contributions concerning political situations anywhere in the world and on any medium.
We ask everyone to refrain from any contribution, written or spoken, concerning political situations anywhere in the world and on any medium.

We are working on our website. 
Content will be updated step by step. For most actual information please check our


Registration pages on Caniva

The registration site on Caniva is closed now.
All participants (except show) are online. 
To view the list you need a Caniva account (registration is free).

FMBB World Dog Show + CAC
Greek Speciality Show + CACd
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